Monday, June 18, 2007

US IMPERIALISM AND REVOLUTION IN THE PHILIPPINES by E. SAN JUAN, Jr.--to be released by Palgrave Macmillan in September

U.S. Imperialism and Revolution in the Philippines
By E. San Juan, Jr.

After Afghanistan, the Philippines has become the second battlefront in the "global war on
terrorism." U.S. troops have intervened to fight the Abu Sayyaf, a CIA creation, as well as the
Communist-led New People's Army. This is a challenge to all Americans: will they allow U.S.
imperial domination to continue? This book is a critical analysis of the social and political crisis of the Philippines under the brutal Arroyo regime. What are the stakes? Peace, social justice for 87million Filipinos and 10 million Moros, democracy, genuine independence, and the struggle for selfdetermination..

"San Juan is one of the sharpest and most clarifying voices vis-à-vis Filipino/U.S. and Filipino/world relationships extant. He is an
internationalist and political analyst of high morale. It’s about time his incisive theoretical summations are given broader access to
strengthen the growing understanding of the multicultural united front of progressive thinkers around the world."
--Amiri Baraka, author of Tales of the Out and Gone

"San Juan is a scholar of remarkable range and varied talents…remarkable for his commitment to literature and culture as vital areas
of contemporary social life."

--Fredrick Jameson, author of Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

"San Juan is one of the world’s most distinguished progressive critics. His book on Carlos Bulosan, among his numerous works, is one
of the major documents in the development of Third World cultural criticism."

--Bruce Franklin, John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies, Rutgers University

"This book provides a panoramic exposition on the Philippine experience over the past century. The author offers a new articulation
of the deeper-level experience, masterfully appropriating colonial discourse and turning it in on itself."

--Sam Noumoff, McGill University, Montreal

"San Juan’s intervention in the current debates on cultural studies is both necessary and significant. We can all learn valuable lessons
from the Philippine experience."

--Ngugi wa Thiong'o, author of Wizard of the Crow


Introduction * Post-9/11 Warnings: The Return of the Anglo Conquistadors * Imperialism under Its Victims' Eyes *
Symbolizing Resistance against Empire * Language and Decolonization * Understanding the Bangsa Moro Struggle for
Self-Determination * Terrorism and Popular Insurgency * Emergency Passage to the Liberated Zones * Afterword

E. SAN JUAN, JR. heads the Philippines Cultural Studies Center in Connecticut, USA. His latest works include Racism and Cultural Studies, Working Through the Contradictions, and Balikbayang Sinta: An E. San Juan Reader (Ateneo University
Press, Quezon City, Philippines). The Center is one of the international sponsors of the Permanent People's Tribunal Session 2 on the Philippines, March 21-25, 2007, at The Hague, Netherlands. San Juan was recently a fellow of the
Rockefeller Foundation Study Center at Bellagio, Italy.

272 pp. / 1-4039-8376-3 / $69.95 cl.

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